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How To Buy Weed If You’re Under 21 in California

Buy weed/marijuana under 21 over 18

So you’re 18 and ready to buy some recently legalized recreational marijuana. As many adults under 21 are finding out, it’s not as easy as rolling up to your local proprietor and leaving with fresh party supplies. Each county and city in California has their own rules about who can sell, where they can sell it, and how adults are able to purchase. In San Diego city, adults 21 and older can purchase marijuana by simply walking into a legal “recreational” or adult-use store. If you’re under the legal age of 21, you will need a Doctor’s Recommendation to buy weed legally.

Luckily obtaining a marijuana recommendation (AKA “rec”) is incredibly easy. There are dozens of specialized doctors and websites that can issue a recommendation for as little as $35.

Go Online:

PrestoDoctor, HelloMD, and 420 Evaluations are just a handful of web-based services if you want to keep a low profile. The process takes about 20 minutes and involves answering some basic health questions or a skype interview with a doctor. Generally your official rec is mailed to you but you receive a printable temporary copy so you can shop right away!

Drop in:

For a more personal touch, you can talk to a real human doctor in an office setting to walk out with your official rec the same day. Try Dr. G’s Medical Marijuana Evaluations in Escondido, open 7 days a week. It’s likely the easiest doctor appointment you’ll ever make and she takes drop-in appointments all day long.


So you have your medical rec. Where can you buy weed if you’re under 21? Anywhere in California, as long as the stores are legal! And the benefits of having your medical rec keep coming. Not only are medical patients able to purchase and possess larger quantities of marijuana, but they are able to purchase weed with higher THC content. This higher content means better potency so your money goes further. You also avoid paying the adult consumption 5% tax. AND you’re able to shop anywhere in San Diego County. Check us out — San Diego Natural Cannabis, a licensed boutique-style neighborhood store in north county (Escondido) that will make you wonder how you ever managed to settle for your friends’ Ziploc baggie pot.

New cannabis laws can be confusing, but don’t let the legal jargon fool you into thinking that adults under 21 are barred from the fun of recreational marijuana. The benefits of having your medical rec will give you more variety in the places you can shop and keep the taxes a little lower so you can buy more high-THC buds.