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How to Buy Medical Marijuana in the Escondido Area

Following the announcement last week, the city of Escondido has now banned the sale of medical and recreational marijuana and shut down all the dispensaries. There is, however, still a legally-compliant medical dispensary just north of Escondido on the 15. San Diego Natural, located off Gopher Canyon Road, is the only fully legally licensed dispensary in North County, offering a wide selection of flower, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, and more from vendors such as OutCo, Heavy Hitters, and Lowell Smokes. San Diego Natural is now the only legally licensed medical dispensary in the Escondido area to offer Heavy Hitters cold-filtered vape cartridges. With total cannabinoid levels testing as high as 92%, Heavy Hitters cartridges offer a potent high in a variety of strains, such as favorites like Gorilla Glue, Tangie, and Skywalker OG. In addition to Heavy Hitters, we also offer a large selection of OutCo cartridges. Our staff is trained to help assist you in finding the best method of consumption for your needs. Patients 18 years or older are welcome at San Diego Natural, provided you have a medical recommendation and a California photo ID. We are not licensed to do recreational sales at this time. If you wish to retrieve a medical recommendation, please reach out to us and we will assist you in the process and reimburse you up to $40 for a medical marijuana recommendation. Although recreational sales are legal now, it is still highly beneficial to get a recommendation so you can shop at all dispensaries, avoid the 5% cannabis tax, and purchase cannabis in much larger quantities. So, if you are affected by the Escondido dispensary shut down, please be sure to visit San Diego Natural and we are happy to service your medical marijuana needs.

San Diego Natural: Escondido Marijuana Dispensary Serving Valley Center, Bonsall, and Fallbrook

San Diego Natural, Inc. is a medicinal marijuana dispensary located in Escondido, California in northern San Diego County. We specialize in convenient, compassionate care with the utmost discretion, as well as a full service menu and plenty of variety to suit your needs. Patients from Escondido, Fallbrook, Bonsall, Valley Center, and other surrounding areas come to our location to buy marijuana. We service the North County area and beyond by providing quality medicinal marijuana products. Come stop by one of the best Escondido Marijuana Dispensary locations for qualified patients.

As an Escondido Marijuana Dispensary, we are in compliance with San Diego County Medical Marijuana Ordinance, California Health and Safety Codes governing medical marijuana, California Proposition 215 (California’s Compassionate Use Act of 1996), and the California Medical Marijuana Program (Senate Bill 420, approved to clarify Prop. 215 in 2003). We are one of the only legally licensed medical marijuana dispensary locations in Escondido.

Due to our licensing with San Diego County, we are only permitted to remain open as a medicinal marijuana dispensary. For a limited time, we are offering full reimbursements for our patients’ medical marijuana recommendations. Please make sure to bring in the receipt in order to receive reimbursement. With a doctor’s recommendation, patients are exempt from a 5% cannabis tax, and able to buy marijuana in larger quantities and at higher concentrations of THC. Patients 18 years and older qualify for a medicinal marijuana recommendation. Therefore, we are still able to service those who are below the legal age for recreational (21+) at no cost difference to the patient. Qualifying for a medical marijuana recommendation makes medicating with cannabis more accessible to those who need it, as well as limits restrictions that are in place for recreational use. Our budtenders are trained to be knowledgeable on our wide range of products and will help patients find the best strain and method of consumption for them.

In summary:

  1. Stop by our beautiful store if you are 18 or older.

  2. Bring your doctor’s recommendation. If you don’t have one, stop off at Dr. G in Escondido, located at 135 W Mission Ave #204.

  3. Save your receipt, and bring it to our Escondido Marijuana Dispensary. We’ll reimburse you, and you can start shopping!

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